The Gaming functions of a mechanical keyboard

If a mechanical keyboard is mainly linked to its switches that guarantee unparalleled precision and responsiveness, other functions are just as important to ensure maximum efficiency in the game: anti-ghosting, the anti-key Windows and even the backlighting. At The G-Lab, Keyz Carbon 2 and Keyz Rubidium are the two models that meet these criteria. Let’s see what these specific features bring.


If you have played on standard keyboards, you have probably not managed to perform actions by pressing several keys simultaneously. This is called ghosting. In other words, the keyboard controller is not able to interpret pressing multiple keys at the same time. Ghosting is related to the design of the matrix that manages the contacts under each key. It consists of rows and columns (see diagram) and the keyboard controller interprets the interconnection of these rows and columns to execute the command.

In this case, the keys are not “independent” of each other, then the effect of ghosting. It is to overcome this problem that the anti-ghosting has been developed. Keyboards such as Keyz Carbon 2 and Keyz Meca have a more complex matrix that ensures that the simultaneous support of several keys does not generate erratic behavior. This ensures a much better efficiency in games where pressing on key combinations is essential (RTS, MOBA, MMO, etc.).


Today, keyboards incorporate many specific keys to ensure optimal use in office mode. This is the case of the famous Windows key that opens the “Start” menu or serves as shortcuts to open specific Windows functions. The concern is that this key may be inadvertently activated when playing what has the effect of blocking the action in progress. Result? The desired effect is not realized, which can lead to a loss of a game or a failure on a boss, for example.

To prevent this, Keyz Carbon 2 and Keyz Rubidium keyboards allow the “lock” of this Windows key so that it is not taken into account, even if it is pressed by mistake. Here, the locking is done by simultaneously pressing the “Fn” + “Windows” keys. Therefore, a “Winlock” LED indicates that it is effective. To disable it, just press the two keys simultaneously.


The RGB backlight is an integral part of many player keyboards. It has even become a “trademark” since the RGB acronym is easily associated with gaming, regardless of the device (keyboard, mouse, headset and other computer cases). Although it is considered by many to be a gadget, backlighting has become a useful feature over time. It makes it easy to find the keys when playing in the dark, which is often the case in a LAN Party. On the other hand, some advanced functions are also proposed as on Key Carbon 2 and Keyz Rubidium. Thus, it is possible to activate the backlighting of some keys of your choice for greater efficiency.

Playing FPS, RTS, MOBA and MMO involves the use of certain keys that are not necessarily the same for each of one of these types of games. To quickly identify the keys to be pressed, the two G-Lab keyboards offer by default pre-recorded profiles that are accessible via the key combination “Fn” + the numbers numbered 1 to 6 above the letters QWERTY. Of course, they are customizable as you wish.

Finally, the choice of a gaming keyboard is not limited to mechanical keys but also to other functions such as anti-ghosting, features and backlight. They are important to ensure the best possible efficiency in all types of games and will be especially essential if you have the soul of a competitor.