The Gaming Lab

Founded by a team of enthusiasts in 2016, The G-Lab offers the best gear to enhance your gaming performance, wether you’re a casual gamer or an esport player ! We equip our mice, keyboards and headsets with the latest technology : giving you the possibility to take it to the next level !

The G-Lab  designs and develops innovative gaming accessories to match your expectations and gaming sensations.

We are proud to sponsor #esport teams who are present in the major leagues and tournaments !

Gear up and enter the game !


The Lab


Tech Culture, techno sciences, quantum physics, pop culture, nanotechnologies … Geek is chic !

Mandeliev’s Periodic Table lists all the fundamental elements in the universe. We have named The G-Lab products based on that Table as we know each gear is a fundamental inagame asset  !

 Can you spot them all ?





Join the Lab and test our gear !

We know that ingame the most performant gear can help you take it to the next level, your feedback matters ! Join the Lab, test our products and send us your feedback, be the first to discover our latest releases and organize giveaways for your community !

Please fill in very carefully and seriously the contact sheet as put pride in choosing with care our ambassadors !

As we receive many sponsorship applications, we will first look into accounts over 10 000 followers on YouTube, Twitch or Twitter.

But be sure that we will answer all applications, it might just take a bit of time!

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    The G-Lab Esport

    The G-Lab enters many leagues and tournaments ! We believe in teams who challenge the best teams in the major leagues. Find out more about them and follow their latest results !


    NBZ Esport

    Young Fortenite Team, NcBz E-sport team take part in all major French e-sport tournaments ! Follow them on Twitter to find out their latest results : @NCBzeSport


    Firevoid is a semi-professional Spanish team scoring in all major LOL tournaments ! Follow them on Twitter to find out their latest scores and best moves: @FireVoidGaming.