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Kult Nitrogen CORE
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The Kult Nitrogen CORE is THE G-LAB’s most advanced gaming mouse ever. This mouse is equipped with a high-performance laser sensor up to 10,000 DPI. The Nitrogen Core offers a 100% customizable RGB backlight. Thanks to its customization software, you can program each of the 11 mouse buttons with macros or even choose the lighting effects. Its ergonomic design guarantees a perfect grip and its weight is changeable. It’s the ultimate gaming mouse!


An optimal grip!

Surpass your opponents with the Kult Nitrogen CORE gaming mouse! Equipped with a latest generation Avago laser sensor, the Kult Nitrogen CORE gives you extreme precision. With it, you will never miss your target. You will be able to adjust the sensitivity of the mouse from 200 to 10,000 DPI via 8 different steps according to your preferences.

Change sensitivity in an instant with the DPI button on the mouse. The 1000Hz refresh rate lets you enjoy maximum responsiveness in the most intense situations. With a maximum acceleration of 20G, this gaming mouse ensures perfect tracking of your movements, even the fastest!

100% Programmable

As efficient as it is aesthetic, brighten up your office with the Kult Nitrogen CORE and its RGB backlighting. Fully customizable, it’s up to you to choose the colors, light intensity and speed of effects to create the mouse of your dreams! Very easy to adjust thanks to our customization software, you can choose from 11 varied and dynamic light effects.

You can also associate a color for each DPI level and thus always know your sensitivity once in game. The Kult Nitrogen CORE can then match the colors of the rest of your gaming setup.

An ultra-powerful sensor!

The Kult Nitrogen CORE has the particularity of offering 11 buttons. This gaming mouse is particularly recommended for all games requiring many easily accessible shortcuts to perform complex actions quickly. Each of the buttons is programmable. You will thus be able to assign your macros, your Windows shortcuts or to change your DPI level.

The Sniper function decreases your sensitivity in aim mode in FPS to be more precise for example.


Personalization software, 11 Programmable Buttons

Laser Sensor

10,000 DPI High Performance Laser Sensor


RGB Backlight + 11 Light Effects Choose from 16.8M colors and many effects!

Technical Specifications


200 – 10 000

Refresh rate

125 – 250 – 500 – 1000 hz

Max acceleration


Number of buttons


Personalization driver



Cable type and size



105 -115g

Button lifespan

30 000 000 de clics

Number of colors

16,8 millions


Nitrogen is the chemical element with atomic number 7, symbol N (from the Latin nitrogenium). It is the leader of the group of pnictogens. In common parlance, nitrogen refers to the simple body N2 (dinitrogen), the majority constituent of the Earth's atmosphere, representing almost 4/5ths of the air (78.06%, by volumea). Nitrogen is the 34th most important element in the Earth's crust.