Korp Vanadium



Ultra Comfortable Gaming Headset
full RGB !

The Korp Vanadium is the new THE G-LAB gaming headset compatible on all platforms! You can use it on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Smartphone & Tablet. The Korp Vanadium guarantees you excellent audio quality to enjoy all your games. Its flexible microphone ensures optimal communication with your teammates. Comfortable and light, the cushions are made of soft and breathable fabric. The bass has been enhanced for a more realistic rendering.

High Quality Stereo Audio

Take full advantage of your gaming experience thanks to the excellent audio quality of the Korp Vanadium gaming headphones. The sound is perfectly transmitted for a clear and precise rendering.

You will be immersed in full immersion in the heart of your favorite games in an ultra realistic soundscape. Excellent for gaming, it will also be an ideal companion for your movies and series.

Flexible and Precise Microphone

The microphone of the Korp Vanadium is flexible and is oriented according to your needs to always be at a good distance from your mouth. You are guaranteed to always be heard perfectly by your teammates regardless of the situation.

This high-quality audio microphone provides a perfectly clear rendering of your voice for optimal in-game communication. You can deactivate the microphone with the remote control if necessary.

Extra Soft Breathable Cushions

Really designed for players who spend several hours a day in front of their screen, the Korp Vanadium is always comfortable, even over time. With it you can play for hours without the slightest pain in the skull.

The cushions are made of extra soft breathable fabric, which lets the air pass so as not to keep you too hot when you play. The adjustable headband is also padded for optimal comfort.

Gaming Design + RGB

The Korp Vanadium has a unique design that does not go unnoticed. Both sober and elegant, this model is available in two colors (black or white) to suit everyone’s preferences.

Extremely light, these gaming headphones are a real featherweight to wear. It weighs only 237g only. You won’t even feel it when you put it on your head. The helmet has a bright RGB backlight on the sides.


Its X-TRA Bass technology provides a deep, distortion-free and perfectly balanced sound.


Its ultra-closed shape and memory foam guarantee comfort for long games!


The Korp Vanadium's microphone focuses on the essential: your voice. Communication becomes clear and limpid to give you a real advantage in the game.


Compatible PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch (depending on games), Xbox One, Smartphones & Tablets


All our products are guaranteed for two years. In addition, our technical team based in France is there to guide you and answer all your questions. Do not hesitate to contact them via the "contact us" section.

Technical Specifications

Helmet type



Stereo Xtra Bass

Functions on the remote control

Control knob; ON/OFF micro; ON/OFF RGB

Weight (helmet)


Microphone type


Speaker dimensions

40 mm

Frequency response



32 ohm


100 dB

Cord length





Compatible PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch*, Mobile, Tablet

Contents of the box

Headset, Jack Doubler, Manual


Vanadium is the chemical element with atomic number 23, symbol V. It is a rare, hard and ductile metal found in certain ores. It is mainly used in alloys.