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Wireless Gaming Keyboard

Wireless Gaming Keyboard

The Keyz Tungsten is our ideal wireless gaming keyboard for console gamers. Its keys guarantee lightning-fast reactivity! Perfectly silent, this keyboard is also backlit and offers 5 different effects. Its long battery life lets you play for days without having to charge it. Truly built to last, this keyboard is robust and will last you for years to come! Plug in the USB dongle and it works instantly whether on PC or console.

Reactive and Silent Keystroke

When it comes to wireless gaming keyboard, great responsiveness is everything! The Keyz Tungsten offers a lightning-quick reaction time of just a few milliseconds. You won’t notice the difference with a wired keyboard. Typing is much more responsive than other wireless gaming keyboards but also very quiet. This keyboard is therefore ideal if you play in your living room for example.

RGB backlighting + 5 Light Effects

Brighten up your desk with the Keyz Tungsten and its resplendent RGB backlighting. Choose from 5 varied and dynamic light modes according to your desires. It is also possible to customize the keyboard LEDs with 7 different colors.

The keyboard backlighting can be configured directly on the keyboard with very simple key combinations.

Long-term autonomy of 30h

The Keyz Tungsten has a very long battery life! You can use it for 30 hours with the lights on. If you decide to turn off the backlight, the battery will be extended for up to 460 hours of use. This keyboard can be fully recharged in just 3 hours using the supplied cable.

The Keyz Tungsten works up to a distance of 10m, which gives you real fluidity of movement.

26 Anti-Ghosting Keys

Many games require you to perform complex actions in record time. The Keyz Tungsten features anti-ghosting, allowing you to use up to 26 keys simultaneously without blocking or unwanted action. This is a huge advantage over your opponents! The keyboard also offers 12 very practical multimedia shortcuts to access your emails or change the volume of your games.


An ultra-reactive tactile membrane for better performance !


Fast combinations flow smoothly and without interference !


Compatible on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Smartphone & Tablet


Activate the Windows lock function with FN+F11 and unintentional return to the desktop is a thing of the past.


With its six individual lighting zones, and choose from the many available effects and colors!


Take advantage of wireless technology for total freedom of movement! Plug in the USB nano-transmitter and start playing up to 10m away.


Play for hours without interruption! You can enjoy your keyboard for 30 hours with the lights on.


All our products have a two-year warranty. In addition, our technical team based in France is at your disposal to answer all your questions. Do not hesitate to contact them via the "Contact" section.

Technical Specifications

Key type



7 colors + 5 modes

Anti ghosting

26 keys




Nano USB receptor


630 g


Tungsten is the chemical element with atomic number 74, symbol W (from the German Wolfram). Its name in English comes from the Swedish tung ("heavy") and sten ("stone") and therefore means "heavy stone". Tungsten is found in many ores such as wolframite and scheelite. The simple body tungsten is a greyish-white transition metal, very hard and heavy. In its pure form, it is mainly used in electrical applications (incandescent lamp filaments), but in the form of compounds or alloys, it has many applications, such as the production of tools requiring great hardness (drills, abrasive powders, etc.).