Keyz Carbon²

59,99 €

Blue Switches for mechanical precision !

Blue Switches
for mechanical precision !

Equipped with Blue Switches, the Keyz Carbon² is a mechanical keyboard designed to players perform at their top level. With extreme precision and reactivity, an N-Key Rollover matrix, and its ultra-robust steel structure, this keyboard will be your best ally. Its sober design and its lightning animations will ensure you a great look during your wild games.

A mechanical keyboard equipped with Blue Switches

Equipped with blue switches, the Keyz Carbon² offers unparalleled reactivity and makes each action faster.

With an activation distance of 2 mm and an activation force of 50g, the Blue switch is one of the most powerful switches in the world of gaming. They offer resistance in the middle of the stroke, allowing to modulate the strike, so either you hit directly or you decide to prepare an action by a pre-pressure and then you trigger. The click is audible to be sure that you have pressed the key and validated the action.

A Led Rainbow keyboard designed to win

The Keyz Carbon² keyboard has a backlighting system that will allow you to give a Lightning effect to your gaming set up.

12 predefined modes are available thanks to a Rainbow LED backlighting system. In addition, you can select one of the 6 Games modes, to adapt the backlight according to the type of game you play. In the dark or in the dark, the visibility of the keys remains optimal since the keys are illuminated one by one and by transparency.


State-of-the-art N-Key Rollover technology

Thanks to the N-Key rollover technology, all keys can be pressed simultaneously without conflict.

The N-Key rollover system also avoids unintentional actions when many keys are pressed simultaneously. These functions are essential for gamers to win the game.


Equipped by blue touch switches, the Keyz Carbon² makes every action faster !


Choose between 12 backlight animations or 6 game modes


Thanks to its N-Key rollover matrix, all keys can be pressed simultaneously without conflicting.


Its robust and non-slip metal frame will allow you to create a play station totally anchored in your play space.

50 million keystrokes

The Keyz Carbon² keyboard has been specially designed to withstand 50 million keystrokes, 10 times more than a conventional membrane keyboard.

Windows Lock

Activate the Windows Lock function with FN+F11 and unintentional desktop returns will be a thing of the past.

2 years warranty

All our products are covered by a two-year warranty. In addition, our technical team based in Europe is here to guide you and answer all your questions. Do not hesitate to contact us through the "contact us" section.

Technical Specifications

Type of keyboard


Type of switch



50 Million strokes

Typing feedback speed

0,1 millisecondes

Backlighting (keyboard)

LED Backlight

Number of anti-ghosting keys

N-Key rollover

Number of multimedia shortcuts





French Azerty or Spanish Qwerty

Number of keys


Dimensions (keyboard)

452 x 185 x 42 mm

Weight (keyboard)

1060 g

Cord length (keyboard)

1,8 m

Connections (keyboard)


Compatibility (keyboard)

Windows, PS4, Xbox


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