New Generation 4 in 1 Gaming Pack

New Generation 4 in 1
Gaming Pack

The Combo Selenium is the new 4 in 1 gamer pack imagined by The G-Lab. This Combo offers a powerful and backlit keyboard equipped with 19 anti-ghosting keys. The mouse has an ultra-responsive and precise optical sensor with a maximum sensitivity of 3200 DPI. The headset offers immersive sound to immerse you in the heart of your favorite games. Finally the mouse pad ensures a perfect glide for your mouse.

Backlit Responsive Gaming Keyboard

The Combo Selenium offers an ultra-powerful and robust gaming keyboard. Its fast and silent keys provide perfectly responsive typing to make a difference once in game. Thanks to its backlight, play day and night and light up your desk.

The 19 anti-ghosting keys allow you to avoid any unwanted action when using key combinations simultaneously. You also benefit from 12 multimedia shortcut keys as well as the possibility of blocking the Windows key when playing. The metal chassis of the keyboard guarantees perfect resistance.

Mouse and mat optimized for perfect glide

The Combo Selenium Mouse combines precision, speed and an ergonomic design for the best possible gaming experience. Adjustable up to 3200 DPI via 4 different levels, you choose the sensitivity that best suits you and change it depending on the game.

Its ergonomic shape will adapt perfectly no matter the size of your hands. This mouse is ultra light and weighs only 105g only. You will be faster for all your mouse movements. Its neon RGB backlight will liven up your gaming setup for a resplendent result.

Immersive and comfortable headset

Having good audio quality is essential for playing in the best conditions. This is why the Combo Selenium gaming headset offers reinforced bass for an ultra realistic rendering. Immerse yourself in total immersion in your favorite game. The adjustable microphone ensures optimal communication with your teammates.

Enjoy perfect comfort with its faux leather cushions and its adjustable headband that allows you to adjust the helmet according to the size of your head. The headset plugs into a 3.5 mm jack and is compatible on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch, Tablet, Laptop and Smartphone.

Backlit QWERTY Gaming Keyboard

Jouez jour et nuit avec le rétréoclairage Rainbow du clavier !

Light and precise 6-button gaming mouse

Adjust the mouse DPIs on the fly, which can reach 3200 DPIs!

High Quality Audio Gaming Headset

X-Tra Bass sound will give you an incredible sound experience, immersing you in the heart of your games.

Non-Slip Mouse Pad

It will accompany your gestures in all circumstances, offering you precision and speed of execution.


Compatible on PC - PS4 - Xbox One

2-year warranty

All our products are guaranteed for two years. In addition, our technical team based in France is there to guide you and answer all your questions. Do not hesitate to contact them via the "contact us" section.

Technical Specifications

Type of Combo

Keyboard - Mouse - Headset - Mouse Pad

Backlit Keyboard

Fixed multicolor


19 keys

Mouse sensitivity

1200 – 1600 – 2400 - 3200 DPI

Refresh rate

125 hz

Mouse weight

105 g

Headset connection

Jack 3,5 mm

Combo compatibility



Selenium is the chemical element with atomic number 34, symbol Se. This third element of group VI A (chalcogen group) is a non-metal. The chemistry of the simple body and its main compounds is very similar to that of sulphur, but also to that of tellurium.