Mechanical Keyboard + Gaming Mouse Pack

Combo Carbon
Mechanical Keyboard + Gaming Mouse Pack

The Combo CARBON is the first G-LAB Combo to combine a high precision gaming mouse with a mechanical keyboard: the Keyz Carbon V3. The Carbon Combo is the ultimate performance combination for gamers. The Carbon keyboard features ultra responsive and precise blue mechanical switches. There are 16 light effects and full anti-ghosting. The Carbon mouse offers a 7200 DPI optical sensor and an ultra comfortable grip. This Combo is as well compatible on PC as on console.

Accurate and Responsive Typing - Blue Switches

The Keyz Carbon V3 features BLUE switches, the most popular on the market. These mechanical switches require a force of only 50g to operate.

The blue switches are tactile and make a clicking sound when activated, which makes them so special. They have a better response time to be as fast as possible.

The switch has a total travel of 4mm, and the activation distance is 2mm. Enjoy maximum responsiveness and true precision of execution.

16 different Backlighting Effects

The backlighting of the Keyz Carbon V3 will give you 16 different backlighting effects to choose from. There are 8 preset patterns as well as 8 different gaming patterns.

Very easy to use, there is no unnecessary software to install. The adjustment is made directly from the keyboard, thanks to very simple key combinations.

This mechanical keyboard will glow on your desk day or night.

Total Anti-Ghosting

Thanks to N-Key Rollover technology, the Keyz Carbon V3 keyboard offers full anti-ghosting to cover all 105 keys of the keyboard.

You’ll be able to perform complex keystrokes without any clashes or unwanted actions.

You will never be limited in your gaming actions again!

Ultra Precise and Reactive

Make the difference in the game against your opponents with the seamless responsiveness of the Combo Carbon mouse. Equipped with a high-precision optical sensor, you can adjust your sensitivity up to 7200 DPI via 6 pre-set levels. Stay in control at all times and switch DPI in an instant to adapt to the game you’re playing.

With 20G of maximum acceleration, you can be sure that all your mouse movements, even the fastest, are perfectly transmitted. Outperform your opponents!

Ergonomic and Lightweight Design

A good grip is essential for optimal gaming. That’s why the Combo Carbon mouse is specially designed to fit all hand sizes and grip types: palm, claw, or fingertip.

It is incredibly comfortable, thanks to its smooth top surface. In addition, the grooved surface of the side grips ensures a perfect grip for an optimal gaming experience. The mouse is equipped with 6 buttons and weighs only 120g. Very easy to use.

Multi-Platform Compatibility

Just plug in the Combo Carbon, and the mouse and keyboard will work instantly.  There is no software to install.

The Carbon Combo works on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox One. Make sure the console game allows keyboard/mouse play instead of a controller.


Equipped with Blue Switch Tactile Clicks with an activation distance of 2 mm and an actuation force of 50g.


Choose from 16 available animations or 7 game modes.


Its sturdy, non-slip chassis will allow you to create a play station that is fully anchored in your play space.


The Keyz Carbon Evolution keyboard has been specially designed to withstand 50 million keystrokes, 10 times more than a conventional membrane keyboard.


Set the mouse DPI on the fly, which can be as high as 7200 DPI!


Side grips on the thumb and little finger ensure an optimal grip!


Choose from 16.8 million colours and many effects!


All our products are guaranteed for two years. Furthermore, our technical team based in France is there to guide you and answer all your questions. Do not hesitate to contact them via the "contact us" section.

Technical Specifications

Combo Type

Keyboard – Mouse

Keyboard Type

Mechanical - Blue Switches

Backlit Keyboard

7 Colors + 16 Color Effects

Anti-Ghosting Keys

Total Anti-Ghosting

Mouse sensitivity

1200 1600 2400 3200 4800 7200 DPI

Refresh Rate

125 hz

Weight of the mouse

120 g

Number of buttons


Combo Compatibility



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