So far, the retransmission of e-Sport competitions is exclusively broadcast through WebTV specialized structures in this field. However, significant developments are happening. TV channels have shown a strong interest for e-Sport and begun to broadcast this type of event. Let’s see what the forces are.


These three channels have decided to broadcast competitions. Each of them has created their own show on e-Sport.

BeINSport broadcasts every Monday its “BeIN eSports” program, which is hosted by two well-known personalities from the Internet community: Tweekz (Kevin Remy) and Domingo (Pierre-Alexis Bizot). This weekly magazine presents the results of the competitions (League of Legends, FIFA and many other games still) but also the latest news in this sector.

As for Canal +, we are entitled to the E-Sport Club, which offers news about competitions and gaming in general. It takes place every Sunday evening rather late (00:10) and covers many games like HearthStone, Overwatch, Counter-Strike Global Offensive (CS: GO) and many others. The show is hosted by Olivier Morin and Fred Moulin who receive a weekly guest. Note, a section on the site of the show called “Décryptages”. It offers reports and files on the world of video games such as the comparison between sport and e-Sport.

At C8, the show is titled “Esports European League” or EEL. It takes place every Sunday. It covers tournaments of Counter-Strike Global Offensive (CS: GO). The show is presented by Capucine Anav whohad as guests some of the best players from France and Europe.


In development for two years, the channel ES1 was launched in December by the long-time journalist and gamer, Bertrand Amar (Bouyaka Productions and Bang Bang Management), and is published by the group Webedia. ES1 is mainly dedicated to e-Sport and offers various programs, magazines and documentaries. These various programs are animated by well-known community figures such as Ken Bogard, Trunkz and others who work on JVTV (the Web TV of jeuvideo.com) but also freelancers.

If the ES1 channel is only present on Orange TV yet, it will soon be available also at Bouygues Telecom and other networks in the future. The goal is to broaden its reach to meet an audience beyond the community of passionate gamers. In the end, e-Sport is making its way onto mainstream media which will allow it to become known to the general public. Whether they are amateurs, fans or not of video game.