Our Customer Service

Our customer service is great! And we prove it to you!

Often, the main cause of a breach of trust between a customer and a brand is related to a bad customer experience.
That's why at THE G LAB, we have made customer service a priority!
We want to maintain a relationship of trust, proximity and transparency with each customer.

Free returns up to 2 years after your purchase

At The G-LAB, our top priority is, and will remain, your satisfaction. If you have any problems with your product, our 2-year The G-LAB guarantee is there for you! We make accessibility a point of honour, which is why we have set up numerous communication channels: online chat on our website, a dedicated customer support twitter account or a contact form, we are always available for you!

Available, proactive and transparent customer service

We have all waited desperately in a queue or waited for an answer by email! At THE G LAB, we are committed to answering you in less than 24 hours after the creation of your ticket (excluding weekends and public holidays)! Transparency in our customer service is just as important as the speed and accuracy of our answers.

Our team of experts will answer you!

At THE G LAB, our customers are precious! Our customer service agents, Léa and Alexandre, do everything possible to respond to your requests. We take the time to understand, analyse and answer all your questions with precision. Whether you are a hardcore gamer or a beginner, we adapt ourselves to answer your worries!

Communication is the key: multi-language customer service

Your enquiries are handled by our customer service team based in France to ensure your peace of mind at all times. Our customer service agents will answer you in your native language for ease of use, no need for a translator !

Our greatest pride? Your satisfaction!

There is no greater satisfaction than making you happy by solving your problem and answering your question. We have helped you many times and you are grateful to us! A picture is worth a thousand words! Who better than our customers can testify to the quality of our products and especially our customer service ?

Recent reviews

Juliette à évalué sur Amazon

I had a problem with my helmet, after a few exchanges with the customer service, they sent me a new replacement helmet. The comfort level is really good. I use it to play and work!

A really good service!

Florine à évalué sur Amazon
Lucie à évalué sur Amazon

Great product, great customer service, especially Léa who was very reactive to my problem of a broken fingerboard. I recommend this brand with my eyes closed!

Alexandre à évalué sur Amazon

The keyboard is very pleasant to use. I had a problem with a faulty switch and had to deal with The G-Lab’s customer service team who were very efficient and resolved the problem quickly.