The Ultimate Mechanical Keyboard

£ 65.83

The Ultimate Mechanical Keyboard

Perfect for MMO, MOBA and FPS games.


An outstanding Mechanical Keyboard

With click type touch switches, KEYZ#MECA offers unparalleled reactivity making every action faster. This kind of switch is especially interesting as it allows modulating typing force. You can hit a key directly or decide to prepare an action with a preliminary press for triggering later on.


Customised Backlighting

The Keyz MECA has a customisable backlighting system. Each key is can be individually set.  

Built to Last


A robust metal chassis and with keys that can last for up to 50 million strokes KEYZ#MECA is built to last.


The Windows Lock Key prevents you being kicked out of the game and the WASD keys can be reversed to suit your preferences.

N-Key Rollover

N-Key Rollover avoids any key stroke conflicts and lets you smoothly type any combination of keys. 

Type of keyboardMechanical
Type of switchTactile, clicky switches
Durability50 million hits
Typing feedback speed0,1 milliseconds
Backlighting6 simultaneous colors, each key can be set individually
Number of anti-ghosting keysn-Key rollover
Number of multimedia shortcuts12
LayoutFrench Azerty or Spanish Qwerty
Number of keys105
Dimensions452 x 185 x 42 mm
Weight1060 g
Longueur du cordon1,8 m
ConnectionsUSB Gold Plated
Box contentsKeyboard + Illustrated manual + key cap remover