Blizzcon 2016: What’s new from Blizzard?

Blizzcon 2016: What’s new from Blizzard?Like every year, the Irvine CA studio opens the doors on its convention: Blizzcon. This tenth edition is one with a special flavour as Blizzard celebrates its 25th year and the 20th anniversary of the launch of one of its most famous franchises, Diablo. For the occasion, a special conference was held for each of these events showing a retrospective look at the company and how its hack’n’slash has evolved. This was also the opportunity for some major announcements on the other franchises like Overwatch, World of Warcraft and Hearthstone.

Overwatch: Sombra, the new heroine and the e-sport League

The first major announcement covered the studio's new franchise: Overwatch. Released in May of last year, this FPS has evolved continuously through the months with regular updates and new game modes, the introduction of new heroes and a balancing of the various character classes. The game has clearly gained in maturity so much so that it has become the new benchmark in the e-sport world with many competitions held around the world. From this point of view, Blizzcon's major announcement was the setting up of the "Overwatch League" intended first of all to implement a structure for hosting and supporting professional players in various countries around the world. This way, every country will be able to hold regional and then national competitions ahead of the European, US, Asia-Pacific, etc. competitions. Blizzard has further stated that players will be paid. For further details here is a video explaining this new League.

Something else that is new, Sombra! This is the new heroine specialising in computer hacking so that she can change how weapons and any other kind of machine works. Naturally she has a weapon, a pistol and the ability to become invisible so that she can discretely move anywhere to take her adversaries by surprise. In other words, Sombra promises some awesome action on the battlefield. Here is the trailer: 

With Kult 200

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World of Warcraft Legion: Lots of new additions

Released since 30 August, Legion is the sixth extension of the famous MMORPG called World of Warcraft. If the previous one, Warlords of Draenor, left a bitter taste as to the weakness of its content, with Legion, Blizzard has done it right and announced a number of content updates (free of charge) that will be offered regularly. This way after patch 7.1, the first major patch released just two weeks ago, the next once called 7.1.5 will arrive on test servers shortly and will be placed on "live" servers during December. It will bring so-called minor content with its share of class balancing and bug fixes. Then the next one will be major patch 7.2 (doubtless in the spring of 2017) that will bring much more content like a new raid with 9 bosses, la Tomb of Sargeras, a five player dungeon, a faction whose reputation has to be raised to prepare the assault on the Tomb. With all this, players will have plenty to keep them busy before the next patch 7.2.5 comes out and looking further ahead, 7.3.

Diablo: The 20th birthday event, Necromancer

For the franchise's 20th birthday, the studio is preparing a game event that will allow revisiting the famous cathedral belonging to the first Tristram of Diablo. Players will rediscover the four bosses including the famous butcher who, at the time, attracted plenty of players. And to return to the atmosphere of 1996, the developers have planned an old fashioned graphic mode where pixels were king! Something else that is new for Diablo 3 is the arrival of a new class, the Necromancer. Inspired from the one in Diablo II, this character will command a skeleton army that they will use to, literally, blow up monsters on the other side! On the other hand, be patient as its arrival is planned for 2017 as a paying pack.

Hearthstone: Mean Streets of Gadgetzan

This is a new extension of the set of cards derived from Warcraft and World of Warcraft. Mean Streets of Gadgetzan will take the player to the famous city of Gobeline in the desert of the region of Tanaris. In the story, the city has expanded so much that there are pirates, bandits and other bad guys that use every means to take over the city to run it and get rich. So, as usual, humour is king with a new game board, new cards of course, and also new visual effects. Game enthusiasts shouldn't have to wait long as the extension will become available in early December.

Yes, Blizzcon 2016 was a good one and we are eager to play all these new releases!

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